Who is rosie from coronation street dating

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Serial killers, abusers and psychopaths – Eastenders, Coronation Street and all of our other favourite soaps stop at nothing to bring us the most cruel and twisted fictional villains to haunt our nightmares Thought it may seem like Adam is being nice with his offer, Sam explains that he has some selfish ulterior motives.

He also teased there may be romance on the cars on the pair, saying: "Adam takes a shine to Rosie Webster and then discovers that she’s got some drama going on behind the scenes with drugs.

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He said: "So far people have been quite nice to me, which is good.

As the police investigate the attempt on Ken Barlow's life in next week's Coronation Street, grandson Adam goes to great lengths to secure an alibi when he blackmails Rosie Webster.

Does that mean he's the one who pushed poor old Ken?

After so much misery and so many mishaps, it'd be great to now see Maria in a relationship where she can just have a laugh for once.

David is one of the funniest characters on the Street with his constant wise-cracks, so he should certainly keep her entertained, if nothing else.2.

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