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Crystal Farmer writes us,"[Black & Poly founder] Ron Young asked me to be the editor for the Black & Poly blog.

We're starting from scratch and asking for contributors." See her call for submissions.

I think what really works better in the long run is the most banal and obvious advice you’ll ever hear. Oh sure, use the Internet as a tool to meet people of similar interests! Yeah, you’ll have to take some initiative and get your butt away from the computer and facing the scawwy outside, but trust me, it can be fun!

Yahoogroups has many local polyamory discussion groups where people meet up in real life. If no local poly group exists in your area, you might want to consider starting one.

Many of those who pursue polyamorous relationships find them to be fulfilling, and when challenges arise, a therapist or other mental health professional may often be able to help committed partners navigate polyamory and other nonmonogamous relationship styles.

In many cultures, monogamy is still upheld as the ideal structure for committed relationships, but nonmonogamous relationship styles are increasingly being recognized as a valid choice for some individuals.

Now, you’d like to meet poly people and form some more fantastic relationships. In fact, I live in a little town that has considerably fewer than 15,000 people. I concerned with making sure you know what you’re looking for.

In addition to this, if you’re going to go to online discussion groups to look for partners, be careful.

Let's begin our step by step starting with the straight male member of a male/female couple (just for example), and throw some numbers in for illustrative purposes. You go out, go online, mingle with folks, you check women out and you see who you find attractive.

So, wannabe poly triad-building guy, let's say that most of your dating experience has been as a single person. Let's assume that's about one in ten, or ten percent of the women out there. But you've already knocked out 90% of the dating population as possibilities. Ten percent of the available dating population just happens to be your personal version of 'hot'. You've still got a pretty good chance of finding a date for yourself here.

Monogamous cultures tend to support the ideas of soul mates, true love, and marriage as the ultimate goal of all committed relationships.

In an idealized version of this model, people generally engage in romantic relationships in order to find one person to spend the future with, believing once that person is found, they will no longer desire to seek out other relationships.

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