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Charming Charles is a short web series created and co-produced by LP Films with USA furniture manufacturer Ashley.

In the first episode of our co-produced series, our hero shows that it’s not just about being chic and sexy…intelligence goes a long way too.

"I think you're supposed to do what you're meant to do," says Sullivan.

Though she's based in Portland, Sullivan frequently works with clients in Houston and Dallas.

Never mind about nay-sayers who say there’s no good ones out there. Keep it by your bedside to read before you go to bed.

) and with tough financial times and changing roles these days, here are guidelines on how to talk about money and decide who pays for what, when. How to avoid bad apples, and deal with dating disasters and dilemmas. Part 5: Start the Fires Burning What Is This Thing Called Love? Assess your anger style and follow the 8 steps to stopping arguments and stop battles over control. Read the warning signs and know when, where, and how to end it, and learn 18 tips for letting go. Do many fun and helpful exercises in this book, to boost your self esteem and to learn to pick winners.

We’ve known the thumbs up rating system has been coming for a few weeks now, but today, Netflix has formally introduced the change, and has compared the new approach to… I’m not sure that’s the best way to present this, but I’m no marketing expert.

The survey page promises the Instagram user a wealth of porn images by completing the survey.

While some users are directed to a website that offers “quick sex” rather than dating, Symantec said. On desktop, a user is directed to a random Facebook user profile.

Judy Kuriansky, licensed clinical psychologist and famous host of the long-running radio call-in advice show Love Phones, who has helped millions of men and women of all ages around the country. How love antennae rules and how to attract the right dates. Find out new ideas that will intrigue and surprise you about how to improve your chances of running into that special someone. These excellent ego-boosters will make you want to spend an evening with yourself -- and others will want you, too! If you get “no,” how to let go and get on with life with the least amount of pain. Real love comes from being appreciated for who you are -- not who you pretend to be.

This new edition is right up to the minute, covering the latest places to go to meet someone, how to log on for love connections in cyberspace, and then how to make the first encounter so successful, you’re bound to go on for more—or what to notice to bow out fast! Expanding your ‘love criteria’ to increase the odds of finding a match. From Shy to Social Butterfly Shyness can be charming, or get in your way when you want to be more “out there.” Follow these tried-and-true tips to breaking out of your shell to show more of the wonderful you. From where to go to what to say -- all the dating do’s and don’ts you’ll ever need to guarantee that all goes well now, and for the next encounters. Consider dating as meeting kindred souls, teaching and supporting each other in life’s journey.

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