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We just recently set up a reef tank in the office and wanted a cool way to check on it while we were away (we are total dorks, we know). It was cheap and easy and with No-IP, you can check in online, even if you have one of those pesky dynamic IPs. Just make sure that you aren’t invading anyone’s privacy or breaking any of these laws. You can find a cheap one online, we ordered ours from Amazon. Our reef tank cam is attached with electrical tape to the side of the tank. Monitor your front door, security for your office, your refrigerator, or anything!Look for the file extension or .p12 in your Users/[username]/App Data/Roaming/Adobe/Acrobat/[11.0]/Security directory.Thanks, Lori Hi Rolf, There isn’t a way to do this in Acrobat but you could create a stamp image that you create with blue ink.Also see Manage Your View of Webcams (Desktop App).Applies to the Windows and Mac desktop app only; also see Web App info Put your best face forward and get ready for business! You can use the drop-down menu to select a different webcam device, or use the radio buttons to change the size.We have ensured that the cameras are unable to pick up any of the cottage interiors or private patio areas so as to ensure our guests privacy.

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BTW Nothing is being recorded at this point, although we could if so is being decided later.

When you pause webcam sharing, other attendees will still see the webcam box with your name, but the screen will be blacked out until you resume sharing.

This does not free up a webcam spot (e.g., if all 6 webcam spots are filled, another attendee will not be able to start sharing their webcam).

The new webcam has so far been tested under (Windows 7 &10 (Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome), and the latest Mac OSX (Safari), Android 5 & 6 (Chrome), Iphone 5. The webcam also works with several apps on phones and Windows 10.

On several of these platforms it gives a warning message saying it might not work, but does so anyway. I use the app: IP cam viewer lite, on my Android phone, available for free in the Google Play Store.

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