Dating muslim woman causes

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It aims to establish a home on the bases of tranquility, faith and Islamic morals.To fulfil this task, the whole family must apply Allah’s course and try to convey His message.It's like mixing two similar liquids and asking to separate them back into there respective containers.Now the actual narration, quoted verbatim: it is said that many women came one day to imam ali peace be upon him asking him : oh ali why did islam allow polygamy (or multiple marriage) for men and didnt allow this for women ,, so imam ali peace be upon him ordered the women to bring small containers and fill them with water , he gave each woman one container and ordered them to pour the water in a big one he put in the middle ,,, then imam ali peace be upon said each one of you fill her container with the same water she poured from it .

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Replace "man/men" with "woman/women" and vice versa in the third point, and you'll understand what's wrong with it.However, a Muslim woman is better suited to a Muslim man than a woman of Christian or Jewish faith, regardless of her merits.This is because marriage is not based on fulfilling one’s sexual desires; rather, it is an institution.As for her reason to not date this Karim, obviously, since most Muslims don’t behead people or beat their wives, not wanting to associate with people like that is a bad reason to not want to date a Muslim.There are some good reasons why this woman might want to walk away, though, that aren’t based on less-warranted stereotypes, reasons that have to do with the realities of the ways in which sexism, misogyny, sex-negativity, patriarchy, and purity culture manifest themselves Muslim-dominated cultures.

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