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In the past, I’ve shown an alarming lack of loyalty to myself while at the same time continuing to engage with certain people out of what I believed at the time were my show of loyalty and devotion.

Of course this type of double-edged pledging of allegiance, where you effectively keep throwing you under a bus for someone who isn’t even on the same proverbial road as you or who will throw you back under that said bus because they don’t acknowledge, respect, or even desire that loyalty, is exactly how I ended up feeling deeply compromised and rejected.

You could have been on Craigslist, or Tinder, Baddoo, or Ki K, or wherever.

The truth is that even the most reputable online dating sites have scammers lurking in them.

Clapton stole the girl, stole the song, and stole the riff.

He is STILL on Death Row Pattie left Eric and went back to George!You can see exactly, how these sites work in this post: Get Verified: Tinder, Badoo, and Craigslist – Matrix of a Scam For this post, I will focus on what the consumer experience is, and why these unknown credit card charges are fraudulent. The Get Verified scam site, routes you to a billing site for a dating website.It looks like gibberish, but there is an association that is occurring.Layla Richards had the treatment – a potential breakthrough for leukaemia and other cancers – at Great Ormond Street Hospital (Gosh) in central London.Doctors described her response to the therapy as “almost a miracle” and “staggering” after her family was told there were no other options left.

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