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It looks like Elle Macpherson has split with her billionaire husband, Jeffrey Soffer.And according to New Idea, she has been seen copying up to actor Brad Pitt during a rendezvous in Hollywood.‘They seemed cosy together, like a couple on an intimate date,' the publication's source claimed.So, if you agree there is value in knowing how “the other side” feels…read on!

To join the fast growing community of Wow Women Dating, find new friends, date up, and share videos and photos, create an account. I just about died when he showed me a picture of her. We met for lunch before he started talking about how happy he is that he and his daughter have reconciled after years of not talking. Part of WOW – Women of the World Share stories of love and sex from the frontline of dating, at this frank and inclusive discussion group.Mull on topics ranging from the myriad of choices and challenges posed by modern dating’s migration online, to taking charge of our love lives and challenging sexist dating norms, both online and on a date.

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