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But more recently, smitten Swash has assured he will pop the question to his girlfriend.While appearing as guests of Keith Lemon's Celebrity Juice, Joe popped the question in order to get some extra points for his team."I've really only gotten into fights with about two women out of 350 (over the years), and Megumi and I had it out in the 360 mirror! I mean, she told me I needed Botox and I just went off on her," he said of the heated exchange. "She idolized the cast of 'Jersey Shore.' " Despite a couple of tough participants, the positive experiences have outnumbered the negative ones for Kelly." The fight wasn't really over fit or fashion either. "Not that I have anything against Botox — I really don't. In fact, he's still in contact with a surprising number of past subjects."I'm not sure I could do that show for another year if I had to," Kelly told TODAY. You know, don't get me wrong, everybody's story is a personal one and every week is different. '" But there's been nothing monotonous about the show's final run, which has been packed with "What Not to Wear" firsts, including a behind-the-scenes episode that aired in August.

Online in April how lucky he felt to be with the former X Factor contestant.

"The casting department really did a good job in the last season of finding characters that did not seem like the same old characters we've sort of worked with before," he told us. It's like, 'How many frumpy moms can you make over in one season?

'" The character coming up on the next episode — the penultimate episode of the series — is anything but frumpy.

The duo also wore blue ribbons in support of the ACLU.

Keep reading for more cute photos of Miranda and his mom.

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