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In a win for accused students, Allegheny College in Pennsylvania has settled with a student it expelled for allegedly sexually assaulting a fellow student.

The expelled student, identified in court documents as John Doe, reached an agreement with Allegheny following mediation in May, which the judge in the case, Barbara Rothstein, had ordered.

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Olivia's nearly six-minute monologue left her class speechless."Why am I not good enough? She ended her piece with a message to others, and herself."But society is wrong.

You are loved, you are precious, you a beautiful, you are talented you are capable, you are deserving of respect. And most of all you are good enough."Olivia hopes to take her writing and presentation skills will help her one day become a Broadway performer.

Because I want to be like those other girls, I want them to like me.’ And it broke my heart,” said Olivia’s mom, Molly Vella.

” She wasn’t thrilled about downloading yet another app, learning how to use yet another service and creating an account with yet another company.My sister and I keep a running tab with each other.She sent a bouquet of flowers for our cousin’s high school graduation; I owe her.Yet, when I polled a broader group, most of the people I talked to weren’t using peer-to-peer payment apps, even if they had heard of them.Whether it’s app overload or nervousness about digital transactions, P2P payments have a way to go before they catch on with a majority of my friends and family.

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