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In a recent thread someone mentioned a story about Diane Keaton.

Said she was being interviewed and the interviewer asked her about who was gay in Hollywood, and her answer was something along the lines of "Who isn't?

“You were just to be quiet, put the clothes on, and do as you were told. I’ve become a delegate for the first congressional district of New York.” She also scored a November 1984 . ” She’s retained the last name of her stepfather—Brinkley—through four marriages (and divorces), including a well publicized, 90s-era marriage to Billy Joel.

Christie has three children: Alexa Ray Joel, Sailor Lee Brinkley-Cook, and Jack Paris Brinkley-Cook.

But aside from her sexuality— only one of the many reasons we’re obsessed—there are more than a dozen reasons she makes the perfect girlfriend. She was and always will be Shane on Literally, all types of lesbians want Shane.

Katherine Sian Moennig (Filadelfia, 29 dicembre 1977) è un'attrice statunitense.

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Jude Law basically outed Hayden Christensen a few years ago when he was asked about the tablois rumors about Hayden and Sienna Miller; Law said "Hayden is more likely to be interested in me than Sienna". Well, that could explain his very plain looking wife.

Evan Rachel Wood was seen cuddling with Katherine Moennig, as the pair waited for their car outside of Real Food Daily in West Hollywood, California on Friday - following reports of a budding relationship Prior to their public appearance, Wood attended the launch party for photographer Jeff Vespa’s new book, The Art Of Discovery, held at Brooks Brothers on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, in which she arrived alone.

AMA Council of General Practice chair Dr Brian Morton told Daily Mail Australia that morning sickness can also be caused by other factors - including hormonal imbalance, reflux, sleep apnoea, stress or depression.

These days, Christie promotes her skincare, eyewear, and exercise equipment lines on her site, christiebrinkley.com—along with a shout-out to the i Tunes page of Alexa Ray, a singer-songwriter.

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