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Carbon dating suggests there were Paleolithic people here at about that time.

The real question is whether these people were racially closer to the light-eyed (sometimes even blue-eyed) remnants still found in NW China and Micronesia or the dark-eyed peoples of Mongolia and/or Malaysia.

The very first people in the land areas we now know as Japan? But the most likely explanation is that they walked there.

The Sea of Japan was once a great inland lake, but somewhere between 12 and 15 thousand years ago, the earth's climate warmed enough to raise the sea levels enough to separate Hokkaido from Kamchatka and Kyushu from mainland China.

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They form part of the Okinawa Prefecture and are the remotest part of the country.

If raw fish isn’t your thing, Hokkaido’s still got you covered. Half the fun is breaking open the tough shells and the other half is tucking into the tenderest crab meat you have ever tried.

When you think about Japan, images of geisha, delicious sushi and beautiful temples will most likely spring to mind.

Relations between the world's second- and third-biggest economies have been tense for the past two years as China expanded its military presence in region, pushing its claim over the Japanese-controlled Senkaku islands.

China's foreign ministry said it had reached an agreement with Japan to increase high-level contacts and that the two sides had agreed to "gradually resume political, diplomatic and security dialogues".

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