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The 6.8 Project Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the new Relationships feature belongs to a new (and somewhat sinister sounding) ongoing initiative that Facebook is internally calling .

The name, which is an allusion to Earth’s total population of 6.8 billion people, is meant to symbolize Facebook’s goal of connecting everyone on the planet. Facebook has grown so quickly over the last few years that the company is worried that its long-term expansion potential over the next decade is limited.

With those cards, there is a very decent chance that you are in front before the flop.

If you've got AK, AQ, a pair of queens or above, you've got a good hand.

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“What I’m really fascinated by is this interesting middle ground that isn’t algorithm and isn’t crowdsourced — it’s this augmented human trend,” he told Slate.Mittlere Paare sind bei Texas Hold'em nicht immer leicht zu spielen.Sie haben preflop eine gute Equity, doch oft genug gibt es Overcards am Flop.It's a hand that just might be beating a caller in a heads-up situation.A weak ace (A5, A6) is half a hand: you are beating a caller with KQ or small suited connectors.

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