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The Colts entered the Super Bowl off victories over the Baltimore Ravens and New York Jets, while the Saints advanced after defeating the previous year's runners up the Arizona Cardinals and then overcoming the Minnesota Vikings in the Conference Championship.It was also the first time both teams started out with a thirteen-game winning streak.When Danny Valenzuela decided to replace the wiring in his 1969 Ford F-100 he chose from American Autowire’s Classic Update Series (PN 5103-1972 Ford trucks).As the Classic Update series is designed for modified trucks that require a high-output alternator it does not accommodate the original charging system.Here’s our Box Office Parameter: Hit: Film which doubles the investment Super-Hit: Film which more than doubles the investment by additional 50%Average: Film which only recovers investment Plus: Film which recovers investment & yields some profit Flop: Film which loses 50% or more of investment Losing: Film which does not recover the investment but loses less than 50% of it.* denotes that the film is still running in theatres.

This was the Saints' first Super Bowl appearance and the fourth for the Colts franchise, their second appearance in four seasons.

The Super-Pro was advertised as an "amateur-professional receiver" and it had several unique features that did set it apart from its contemporaries.

These included a virtually sealed precision tuning assembly with custom designed variable condensers and a cam-operated knife-switch type 360 degree rotation bandswitch, variable-coupled air-tuned IF transformers that allowed a continuously adjustable IF bandwidth and a powerhouse, high fidelity audio output.

Although initially referred to as a sequel, Super Smash Flash 2 is a reboot of the critically received fan game Super Smash Flash. However, the Flash game does not aim to clone Super Smash Bros.

Brawl, as the content inclusion criteria has been loosened greatly to include content from any series that has ever appeared on a Nintendo console, allowing the roster access to other 3rd and 4th party characters including, but not limited to Bomberman, Lloyd, Naruto, Ichigo and Goku.

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