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Under Canada’s Constitution, each province and territory is responsible for laws regarding the division and/or equalization of family or marital property, and these laws can vary from one province or territory to another.That said, to help give you a very basic understanding on this topic, below is a general overview of most provincial statutes regarding the division of property during divorce.The evening lights display the architectural beauty.

Even where no offence has been committed yet, where personal injury or damage is feared, courts can also order peace bonds or recognizances, which require an individual to agree to specific conditions to keep the peace (Section 810).Common law and married partners have the same legal rights and obligations when it comes to estates in Saskatchewan.Cohabitation Agreement You can always change the legal regime that governs your relationship by entered into a cohabitation agreement in Saskatchewan.Section 742.1 puts limits on the use of conditional sentences that would allow an offender to serve a sentence in the community.Provincial and territorial governments make laws in areas of their own jurisdiction.

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