Regularexpressionvalidator not validating

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No 404 or 500 errors) This doesn't happen in my real code btw, just happens on the page I copy/pasted from your on-line example to make tests (I will report the code down here).

Now have a look in the Properties tab of Visual Studio.

This is done with the specified element validator or a validator based on the given element type and validation group.

Either element Validator or element Type must be given, otherwise validation will be skipped. (1) In general, you are able to provide a timestamp or a timestamp with additional calculation.

\bunassigned\b) did not work Using RTC 4.0.4 Greetings, Simon Simon, I would be surprised if you could configure a regular expression against filed against.

The reason is that Filed against is not a regular string attribute, but of type Category.

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