Dating violence against men

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Over the years, the study of intimate partner violence has varied and evolved (Dawson 2001).

When research on the issue was first in its infancy, the primary focus was on "wife assault" within the confines of legal marriage or common-law relationships (for example, Rodgers 1994).

Women’s liberation was about encouraging women to not only question their marriages, but to expand the characterization of the in fact, occurrence of what was then called, “wife battering” to include almost all women as victims.

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Approximately one-third (31.9%) experienced some form of expressive aggression and about 4 in 10 (42.5%) experienced coercive control.* The majority of men (73.1%) who have experienced intimate partner violence said it was by one partner, while 18.6% were victimized by two partners and 8.3% were victimized by three or more partners.* The most common age when intimate partner violence is first experienced by men is age 18-24 (47.1%), followed by age 25-34 (30.6%), age 11-17 (15.0%), age 35-44 (10.3%) and age 45 (5.5%).* Frequent headaches, chronic pain, difficulty sleeping, and poor physical or mental health are roughly twice as common among men with a history of rape or stalking by any perpetrator, or physical violence by an intimate partner, compared to men without a history of these forms of violence.* Men who are victimized are substantially less likely than women to report their situation to police; only 13.5% of intimate partner assaults are reported to law enforcement.** *Source: National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, 2010 Summary Report.On Black Friday, Nadia Ezaldein, a University of Chicago student, was working at a Chicago Nordstrom when her ex-boyfriend entered the store, found her in the accessories department, and shot her to death. A day earlier, on Thanksgiving, Shannon Jones, a student at Cornell University, was allegedly strangled to death by her boyfriend during an argument.Police described the murder as a "domestic incident." The two cases are not the only abusive relationships to end in the death of a college student in recent months.Probably the most important element of today’s approach to domestic violence is called “The Duluth Model.” Literally every program, and every shelter in the United States is based on what they call “the curriculum,” which was conceived in 1981, in Duluth, Minnesota.It was developed by a “small group of activists in the battered women’s movement” with five battered women and four male perpetrators as subjects.“Over several months, we convened focus groups of women who had been battered.

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