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As long as you don't mind that there will more than likely be hundreds of kids running around, you're good.Telus World of Science // 1455 Quebec @cecerahoerason Going to IKEA and playing house, and then finishing they day off with some good old Swedish meatballs could low key end up being one of the most fun dates you'll ever have.Here is a list of awesome places to hike around shy to ask a stranger to take a photo of me kissing my boyfriend.Solve all your problems by going on a double date with your bestie couples friends and take awesome couples IG pictures for each other! Dress up and really ball out at a boujee dinner at a fine dining restaurant like Hawkworth or Gotham's. at the Rosewood Hotel Gotham's Steakhouse // 615 Seymour St. Black & Blue // 1032 Alberni @undefined Go on an educational date to Science World (yes, Science World) and learn something new together!Later that week, try to recreate the meal together at home.Browse the local music listings for cheap or free shows in your area and create a "crawl" based on acts with the most hilarious names.Here are some you can use in a long-term relationship:1."I wish you were here right now."This statement simply lets your man know how much you miss him. It's worth stating, though, that you shouldn't say this or send this to him as a text too often, as you don’t want him to feel smothered.

" From "How To Run A Bath For A Man: How To Surprise Your Man With A Relaxing Bath": "Want to surprise your guy with his idea of a relaxing bath?

You are like the present he has always wanted, all prettied up and ready to be unfolded. On each token, write a different action that you will complete for him, such as hug, kiss, back massage, cook fancy dinner or any other romantic acts you like." "Here are 5 sexy ways to surprise your man: Wake Him Up.

Putting a bow on yourself kinds of indicates that you are for him and him alone." From "4 Ways To Surprise Your Man This Spring": "To really treat him, make some homemade popcorn with lots of different seasonings and toppings – caramel, light cheeses, chocolate candies, anything you want! I am not a very sound sleeper so this one is easy for me. Next time you're up and the clock is saying you shouldn't be, wake him up too." "Surprise your man with your knowledge for technology and the latest gadgets.

From "3 Non-Mushy Ways To Surprise Your Man": "Leave a couple of six-packs of beer in it just before a big game comes on TV, or load the freezer with chips and snacks that he always looks around for between meals." From "5 Ways To Pleasantly Surprise Your Man": "You can either choose to tell him what you're going to do or tell him you'll pick up dinner and take his car.

When he gets in it to go to work the next morning, he'll notice his full tank and love you for it." "Figure out some way to surprise your man.

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