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A few years ago, I spoke to a group of high-schoolers about the Jewish idea of love. By focusing on the good, you can love almost anyone.

" "We're choosing to love him," her mother explained, "because love is a choice." There's no better wisdom Susan's mother could have imparted to her before marriage.

In common usage, the term saga has been erroneously applied to any exciting, long narrative.

See cycle and epic.: French law stating that the right of a king's son to inherit the French throne passes only patrilineally rather than matrilineally.

Since DC is not going to create one, I took it upon myself to lead the way.

This timeline could not have been created with the amazing support of a team of Twitter folk: @Foto Cub, @Scarlett Mi, @craiggav, and @Mayhem Comics.

Examples include Grettir's Saga, Njál's Saga, Egil's Saga, and the Saga of Eric the Red.

The saga is marked by literary and social conventions including warriors who stop in the midst of combat to recite extemporaneous poetry, individuals wearing dark blue cloaks when they are about to kill someone, elaborate genealogies and "back-story" before the main plot, casual violence, and recitations of the names and features of magical swords and weapons.

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Instead, we’ll assume they are within a few months of each other and count all dates from a general “Now” until shown otherwise (for example, Teen Titans #10 establishes Superboy has been out of his tank for 1-3 months).DC Comics continuity exists in an eternal “now.” This is a snapshot of where we are 13 months into the New 52. It is unusual to have specific dates mentioned as “now,” but it does happen on occasion.For example: Bruce Wayne is offered tickets to World Series Game 5 in Batman: Dark Knight #2 placing it in October, and Mr Terrific #8 takes place February 13, 2012.).Later sagas show signs of being influenced by continental literature--particularly French tales of chivalry and knighthood.For modern readers, the appearance of these traits often seems to sit uneasily with the surrounding material.

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