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Wearing a flowing, strapless blue dress and stiletto heels, 27-year-old Scottsdale resident Jenni Croft steps out of a stretch limousine and struts toward a posh Malibu mansion.As she approaches the estate’s lush backyard garden, the beautiful brunette turns her glance to her boyfriend of six weeks and smiles.Her heart sinks when he utters the words she is not expecting to hear—she is being dumped.“I hate to say this,” Brad says, wincing, “but I want something more that I can’t find with us.” Jenni drops her head, her eyes welling with tears.After all, their dramatic break-up was filmed as part of the 11th season finale of the ABC reality show “The Bachelor.” According to Nielsen ratings, more than 11 million viewers tuned in for the episode.That same afternoon, Brad went on to dump his other “girlfriend” De Anna Pappas, making history on the show by becoming the first bachelor to reject both of his final suitors.Dodi and Diana were travelling against the seasonal traffic, heading north towards a mangled death in an empty city, after weeks spent rattling around Europe like jet-set gypsies. In short order there followed a tour of the Duke of Windsor's old home, a spoilt dinner at the Ritz and the purchase of a giant diamond ring, never given. In those last grainy images, as she whisked unsmiling through the revolving backdoor of the Ritz, it didn't look like much fun either.

Everything else - the conspiracy theories, the endless speculation, the veneration of this flawed, beguiling woman - has been froth upon misplaced froth, closely followed by farce.

Mehr Quellen stehen für das Verhalten einer neoprimitiven Bewegung zur Verfügung, die Vice zufolge "2016 den Mainstream erreichte": die "Ökosexuellen".

Als Beleg dafür führt das Magazin unter anderem die "dramatisch" gestiegenen Google-Suchanfragen an - und die erste Dissertation dazu, an der Jennifer Reed an der University of Nevada in Las Vegas arbeitet.

Aus LGBTQI soll LGBTQIE werden In vorindustriellen Gesellschaften war die Symbolik von menschlicher Sexualität und Landwirtschaft teilweise eng verbunden.

Inwieweit das auch in Fruchtbarkeitsriten seinen Niederschlag fand, ist Gegenstand der Forschungen von Historikern und Ethnologen.

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