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1818: Pirates – Hippolyte de Bouchard, a French Argentine sailor, plundered San Juan Capistrano and earned the reputation of "California’s only pirate" of those days.Teen soap musical about a group of students and teachers of Cordell Hull, a hip urban racially mixed high school.The Hull High Devils, a modern version of the Greek chorus, comment on characters' actions and issues through songs.Documentary series about the goings-on behind the scenes at Orange County Choppers, a custom motorcycle fabrication company located in Montgomery, New York. See full summary » The series based on the lives of a group of students who attend the fictional Hartley High School in Sydney.When an Indian village is threatened by ex-Confederate soldiers, several villagers head out to seek help.

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“The actions speak…you can see it comes from the heart, and she’s my everything.” In the year that followed his wedding day, two of Wahler’s exes, Lauren Conrad and Alex Murrel, got married in stunning California ceremonies. I think after 10 years have gone by from the first day it aired, a lot of us have grown up and there’s not that tension anymore and this and that BS.PHOTOS: Lauren Conrad's wedding album “I don’t really talk to Lauren at all anymore, the last time we talked was probably 6 months ago or something,” he said of Conrad, who married William Tell in October. A lot of us are actually talking more now than we did in the past, more the Laguna Beach cast.“She’s a sweet girl, and we are just totally different personalities and she is super, super sweet. We’re just two completely different personalities – [and] me being full fledged in my addiction during that time, that did not help.” When it comes to his high school sweetheart Murrel, Wahler couldn’t help but point out that she tied the knot in the same venue that he did. A lot of people are local still, so, it’s been interesting to watch it kind of transform into what it has.” PHOTOS: The Hills stars, then and now When pressed on his advice for his younger self, Wahler first joked that he’d say “don’t drink.” But noting that his battles made him the man he is today, he had a different response when asked again.Prehistoric: Coastline - Some evidence shows that, Laguna’s unique coastline was formed 10 million years ago, with beaches rising to the top of the hills (now Badlands Park in Laguna Niguel) and hills falling to the coves making a haven for marine life and a picturesque masterpiece at the very edge of the continent. Rocks in Laguna Beach date back 65 million years ago.Sedimentary rock dates from the late Eocene to the Pliocene ages. Ten-million-year old shark teeth were found in Laguna Canyon.

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