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So it's a relief to learn that Filipinos have an answer: You’re not imagining it — you are paying more for back-to-school supplies than last year.

So, why would anyone want to share those mistakes with the world?

How can someone who’s blind “see” the upcoming eclipse on Aug. It’s a question solar astrophysicist Henry “Trae” Winter started thinking about several months ago after a blind colleague asked him to describe what an eclipse was like.

“I was caught completely flat-footed,” Winter said.

Because even when I’ve done just a small presentation of the show to some of the departments within NPR who haven’t heard it yet, we’ll be in a room with 10 people under fluorescent lights and it’s all for fun, but even those people in that circle are whispering the answers.

Clearly this is just human nature — if you know the answer, you just What percentage of answers do you think you know? "I love this show, but I am not someone who would do well at these quizzes — this is not my forte at all.

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