Dating the book of ezekiel

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As students study this book, they can learn that God calls prophets as watchmen to warn His children of danger.Despite being set at a time when Jerusalem was being destroyed, the book of Ezekiel is full of hope.The prophet Ezekiel saw beyond the tragedies of his era to a future time of renewal when the Lord would gather His people, give them “a new heart” and “a new spirit,” and help them live His laws (see Ezekiel , 24–28).Studying Ezekiel can strengthen students’ faith in the Lord’s power to transform individuals and nations.his concern over being vindicated by events: 2:5; ff.; ; ) and may adumbrate the Second Isaiah's argument from prophecy (Isa. First practiced by Jeremiah's biographer, the custom of dating is at its height in Ezekiel, and is followed by Haggai (1:1, 15; 2:1; 10; 20) and Zechariah (1:1; 7:1) – though Ezekiel's formula is unique.

The era of the exile thus began in Nisan (April) 597, and its years, like Babylonian regnal years, ran from Nisan to Adar. 39:2; 52:6 f., 12), the 19th (Nisan–Adar) year of Nebuchadnezzar and the 11th (Tishri–Elul) year of Zedekiah. Rosh Ha-Shanah; LXX: first month (Nisan [April]); tradition, comparing Lev. Tradition thus makes the 25th year of exile a jubilee year; since 20 years before is called the 30th year (1:1, taking 1:2 as its gloss), tradition interprets it as counting to a jubilee that coincided with the discovery of the Torah in the reign of Zedekiah (see Targum and Kimḥi at 1:1).(cf. Marcus) a reference to the fact that chapters 1–24 are, on the whole, prophecies of Israel's doom, while chapters 25–48 are prophecies of consolation. The talmudic bipartition of the book recalls Josephus' statement that Ezekiel "left behind two books" (Jos., Ant., ) – possibly The year-count in the dates starts from the exile of King Jehoiachin (1:2; ; 40:1), datable by a Babylonian chronicle to 2 Adar (mid-March) 597. has the exile beginning at "the turn of the year" – i.e., the next month, Nisan, the start of Nebuchadnezzar's 8th year (II Kings ). 1 (hence the third person and the absence of the month); the era of the 30th year is enigmatic (traditionally: from the discovery of the Torah in Josiah's reign [622 About five months after Jerusalem's fall, in the summer of 586 (Tammuz [July]–Ab [August], Jer. Kimḥi's introduction to Jeremiah; Minḥat Shai's introduction to Isaiah).The book of Ezekiel takes its title from the priest of the same name, son to a man named Buzi.Ezekiel’s priestly lineage shines through in his prophetic ministry; he often concerned himself with topics such as the temple, the priesthood, the glory of the Lord, and the sacrificial system.

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