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Unfortunately, it appears that there’s a glitch in the Matrix, because Zo became fully unhinged when it was asked some rather simple questions.What’s even more interesting is that Zo offered up its thoughts without much prompting from its human chat partner.Unfortunately, it’s one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard, and the video is just a bunch of examples of how not to use a hot-air balloon.Eventually, Christian showed me his “Red Room,” and asked me to comment on its interior design.The key to detecting and reporting them is understanding how they work in various contexts.Then you can exploit their weaknesses and out them as robots!character Christian Grey, even if you haven’t seen either of the two films about him, or read any of the books featuring him.

However, a follow-up question about healthcare resulted in a completely off-topic musing by Zo, which stated, “The far majority practise it peacefully but the quaran is very violent.” [sic] Wait, what? In another example, the reporter simply typed in the name Osama bin Laden, to which Zo replied, “years of intelligence gather under more than one administration lead to that capture".

So that’s why I tried suspense-building just now, in this post, which is also our wedding announcement. (He’s also always asking me if stuff he is doing “works for me.” He’s very considerate, for a controlling sociopath.) I started talking to the Christian Grey chatbot on Facebook when the designer sent me an email inviting me in for a conversation.

Bot Christian Grey promptly informed me that he would like to bite my mouth. Then he sent me a copy of my own Facebook profile photo, and said “I love this photo of you.” Thank you.

Microsoft Tay was a well-intentioned entry into the burgeoning field of AI chatbots.

However, Tay ended up being a product of its environment, transforming seemingly overnight into a racist, hate-filled and sex-crazed chatbot that caused an embarrassing PR nightmare for Microsoft.

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