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Therefore it makes sense to increase exposure so that the shadow areas get more exposure, and therefore less noise, but only to the point where there is still detail and texture visible in the highlights when the exposure is 'adjusted', back to normal afterwards.

In contrast, there were only four women teachers at the large secondary school I later attended.

I tried this theory last Sunday afternoon while I was having a picnic at the Union buildings in Pretoria.

The gardens of the Union buildings is a popular venue for wedding photography.

After a short break, Scibraai Sides are back, with thoughts about mountain biking and mediation on the one side, and diabetes and the use of Vitamin A supplements in children. And you have Wynand Steyn and Janike Warnich of the University of Pretoria to thank for it. Comparison of tyre rolling resistance for different mountain bike tyre diameters and surface conditions, There isn’t real value in the policy to provide high-dose Vitamin A capsules to children.

When next you and your mountain bike buddies have a discussion about which to use – 26in. In an article in the , they investigating tyre-road rolling resistance to see how it affects the performance of a cycle – and of course the cyclists who rides it. Instead, the focus should shift towards increasing children’s regular intake of vitamin A by fortifying food or through giving regular low-dose supplements.

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