Rihanna and ashton kutcher dating photos

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Rihanna couldn’t escape the prying lenses of the paparazzi when she was caught paying a late-night visit to Ashton Kutcher's Hollywood home Wednesday evening.The "We Found Love” singer was in a car with two security guards when she arrived at Kutcher's abode around midnight, and according to Radar Online, disappeared inside for four hours before ducking back out around 4 a.m.Supposedly Ashton’s latest hookup, Rihanna, (who issued a half-assed denial recently that convinced no one) found the nude photos of Demi on Ashton’s phone and chewed him out for it.Have we even heard that Rihanna was on the Two and a Half Men set before this point? You can easily imagine her taking some well-lit, well-angled photos of herself and sending them to Ashton in a moment of weakness to show him “what he’s missing.” It’s sad and desperate, but she was with the guy for 9 years and she’s not ready to move on. Walker adds a twist to this story, which kind of makes me think it’s too good to be true.

Here’s the Star story, for what it’s worth: Chris Brown…

I just wondered if you are as happy in your private life," one reporter asked the Grammy winner, whose exes include singer Chris Brown and baseball player Matt Kemp. "There's no shortage of girls around him," the insider tells Us of Demi Moore's ex-hubby.

Following reports that Rihanna left Ashton Kutcher's house in the dead of night this week are NEW reports suggesting that the singer and TV star have actually been hooking up since December. They "swapped numbers" and immediately started "flirting" with each other. Ashton had just split from Demi Moore at that point.

According to sources, the pair were introduced by a mutal friend at said friend's party.

There was a lot of texting and taking about getting together, but a few weeks ago, they finally went through with it and snuck off to a Santa Monica hotel. Like, maybe a MONTH prior, if these sources are to be believed.

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