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She said that herself and Louise were scared to meet with them, not because Alfie is scary but because they were those big group of youtubers with Marcus, Sam etc and they were just beauty girls that no one knows. They had a couple of tweets back and forth until they met at Summer In the City (SITC) 2012.

Zoe commented one of Alfie’s videos and send her viewers saying “Zoe sent me”. - They must have also exchanged phone numbers before meeting in SITC because Alfie texted and called Zoe to invite her to his Younow show. They talked about how she should have introduced herself in Youtube party and how she should not be intimidated (around ).(Adorable fetus Zalfie moment: How Alfie asked whether she is coming to SITC in a cute and shy way and got excited when she says that she is coming (between -)).

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The vloggers met the completed wax versions of themselves in London and admitted they were "amazed" by the likeness.One critic tweeted: "Zoella has a wax work of her in Madame Tussauds so I think it is time that we call an end to this internet thing," while another commented: "Zoella being made into a wax figure is actually ridiculous all she does is sit behind a camera & talk s**t." One stated: "There are probably over 1000 people more deserving of a wax work than Alfie and Zoella, this country has lost the plot."With Zoella amassing more than 9.2m subscribers on her main You Tube channel and Deyes counting more than 7.1m with both his channels combined, the waxworks will undoubtedly drum up more up than enough visitors with their doting fans rushing to take selfies with the figures.- Alfie and Zoe went to a Youtube party in July 2012. In the vlog, you can see Alfie in the background, Kimmi on his lap. Zoe referred to this event in her and Louise’s first Younow show (around ) and in one of Alfie’s younow show (around ) and said that indeed she knew who Alfie was and watching him for the last 4 months but she did not introduce herself. The British Queen of You Tube turned 27 years old today and celebrated the special occasion with the help of friends like Tanya Burr, Marky Ferris and — you guessed it — her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes.In honor of the big day, we decided to reminisce on all the times Zalfie made it feel like it was OUR birthday by being the cutest couple known to man.

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