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This law refers to tourists from out of state and even athletes participating in the winter Olympics .” Among the LGBTQA celebrities and leaders who took part in the project (from left to right): Actor and TV personality Jason Danino Holt, reality star and stylist Leon Shnidervsky, Chairman of IGY Yaniv Weizman, drag queen Talula Bonet, Aguda Executive Director Shai Duetch, pop star Yehonathan, photographer Eitan Tal, Lethal Lesbian Film Festival founder and activist Anat Nir.Your comment was successfully submitted and will be published in accordance with site policy.Just as El Al was sensitive to the ultra-Orthodox community and refrained from flying on Shabbat and serves kosher meals, it shouldn’t take part in this.ISRAEL: A survey conducted by the Israel AIDS Task Force shows the likelihood of a steep rise in HIV infection rates among gay men in the country, reports Gay Asia If log backups were allowed during a full backup, the full backup couldn't back up the log and thus would be transactionally consistent during a restore. M., whereas in the later releases, the restored image reflects the committed transactions as of .

However, although the full backup includes a portion of the log, it doesn't clear the transaction log.

Travel agent Russell Lord, who specializes in bringing gay tourists to Israel, said on Tuesday, “Since the campaign was launched yesterday, I’ve received many positive responses from gay tourists from Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Greece, and I didn’t believe there would be such quick responses.

“So far, gay tourists have avoided coming to Israel because of the expensive flights and because there were no long weekend packages available, only week-long or 10-day packages.

Of the 989 men who participated in the online poll of gay men, 48 percent reported having unprotected sex at least once this year.

The survey, first reported by, also showed that 34 percent admitted to a small number of such encounters, 6 percent said they used condoms half the time and 8 percent said they use a condom less than half the time.

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