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It's about time she settled down and wrote her glorious memoirs. And that's exactly what she's doing, from that Your feelings about Natalie Portman's Uterus Theme Week are a window to your soul.

The Ragtag Crew - The first part of any respectable heist film should be spent assembling a crew of acutely skilled misfits.

In an interview last month, Miss Palin, also 20, called him `a good guy, a family guy, and a Christian`, that her parents `like a lot`." Read more: A3en R Bristol Palin`s former boyfriend, Levi Johnston, is a gentleman and a scholar compared to her new lover.

I`m not surprised that Bristol is enamored of Gino, they both have a homophobic streak.

Once the crew is together, it should include at least a few of the following: the safe cracker, the explosives expert, the forger, the driver, the muscle, the tech genius, the cleaner, the leader, the love interest, and of course, the newly added unreliable guy. The Big Score - Every heist film needs a caper that seems impossible, but is » - Chase Community, Season 3, Episode 3: “Competitive Ecology″Airs Thursdays, 8pm Et on NBCA common theme in sitcom television is that the characters within the world of the television show only interact with each other and never make any friends outside of their group.

If they do, they are only pushed away by other members of the group, or fazed out, never to return again. Very rarely was someone allowed into their group for very long.

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