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According to the site, "As the group began to grow, people would suggest even more ways to group, by personal preference, or sexual orientation, etc." And thus, Bernie Singles was created."We are just a couple of Bernie supporters who thought it would be pretty dank for us to have a place to meet and connect with other supporters," the founders wrote — and currently, there are 1,525 members (and counting) who agree.

It's not clear if any couples have met through the site just yet, but if Bernie Singles fulfills its promise, its users may reap the benefits suggested by the site's tagline: "The 1% aren't the only ones getting screwed this election season."Well, that's one way to keep energy levels up through the primaries.

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We know that your life is busy with hard work and long days, so we developed our app to fit into your lifestyle.Farmers Only (“City Folks Just Don’t Get It”), was founded by ag marketer Jerry Miller in 2005, after having talked to one farmer who confessed it was really hard to meet people when she was out working in the field all day.And there were other problems for farmers and ranchers, too, ranging from already knowing pretty much everyone in their immediate areas, to being matched with someone they did business with. For starters, swiping isn’t really a suitable tool for meeting people.That’s according to Didier Rappaport, the outspoken CEO of Happn, a fast-growing mobile app best known for its ability to match users whose paths they’ve crossed.

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