1904 and earnest rutherford and dating

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But geologists were not as happy with the new results as, perhaps, they should have been.

There were great advances in genetics; by 1911, Thomas Hunt Morgan and his associates were making the first genetic maps.It was not until the 1950s that the age of the Universe was finally revised and put safely beyond the age of the Earth, which had at last reached its true age of 4.56 billion years.Physicists suddenly gained a new respect for geologists!By the end of the 19th century, many geologists still believed the age of the Earth to be a few thousand years old, as indicated by the Bible, while others considered it to be around 100 million years old, in line with calculations made by Lord Kelvin, the most prestigious physicist of his day.Dr Lewis said: “The age of the Earth was hugely important for people like Darwin who needed enormous amounts of time in which evolution could occur.

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