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Each approach will be then discussed in detail and the following question will be answered: The simplest way of adding control into Visual Studio Toolbox is from within the IDE. We will first take a look on Toolbox control integration in general to get a big picture. Advantages: zero effort Disadvantages: require experienced users, slows user producitivity, updating controls is not intuitive Visual Studio 2005 SDK contained a VSPackage called Toolbox Control Installer. This increases chance they will actually purchase your product.LZMA2 supports arbitrarily scalable multithreaded compression and decompression and efficient compression of data which is partially incompressible.LZMA uses a dictionary compression algorithm (a variant of LZ77 with huge dictionary sizes and special support for repeatedly used match distances), whose output is then encoded with a range encoder, using a complex model to make a probability prediction of each bit.

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The main innovation of LZMA is that instead of a generic byte-based model, LZMA's model uses contexts specific to the bitfields in each representation of a literal or phrase: this is nearly as simple as a generic byte-based model, but gives much better compression because it avoids mixing unrelated bits together in the same context.The advantages over Install Explorer are: Both the source and the executable packages are compressed with Win Rar.While the full-featured packer is shareware, the Un Rar utility that can only extract files is free.Windows Explorer fans: nullz has made some scripts to add innounp into the right-click menu and Richard Santaella crafted a graphical wrapper for innounp (get it on the download page).[@filelist] [filemask ...] Commands: (no) display general installation info -v verbosely list the files (with sizes and timestamps) -x extract the files from the installation (to the current directory, also see -d) -e extract files without paths -t test files for integrity Options: -b batch (non-interactive) mode - will not prompt for password or disk changes -q do not indicate progress while extracting -m process internal embedded files (such as license and uninstall.exe) -p PASS decrypt the installation with a password -d DIR extract the files into DIR (can be absolute or relative path) -c DIR specifies that DIR is the current directory in the installation -n don't attempt to unpack new versions -f FILE same as -p but reads the password from FILE -a process all copies of duplicate files -y assume Yes on all queries (e.g.

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