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There are many husband and wives who play MMORGPS together.

Some play the same game but choose to create toons on different servers. D-I-V-O-R-C-E rears its ugly head even in the fantasy that is Star Wars.

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I cannot go into too much detail yet but there is a shortcut command when using skills so for those people who feel there is too much information on screen so this is will make it so you can keep your favourite skills tied to a button on the controller so by using them, they can then concentrate more on the action.

One area in particular, that of romance, emerges as a regular if not given element in online game play.

There are several dynamics in the MMORPG romance, and they are all in some way or another dictated by the personal dynamics of those behind the keyboard. The husband and wife who play together stay together?

Although they are married in the RL they lead very separate lives in game play. The effect those answers have on the outcome is again a matter of motive for the people playing the game. If the other person accepts the second ring is transferred into his/her inventory and also placed on a finger. s the fun part, to remove the ring you have to select ? To make the situation even more dramatic the ring, upon closer inspection, shows sign of wear and decay.

This separation can often lead each spouse to an in-game romance with other people. For the truly earnest single looking for love, there will eventually be the moment of truth when the two people behind the toons meet and all is revealed. I once ran into a player who had just been dumped by his in-game sweetie.

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