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Whilst still a small percentage, this means an extra 19,000 young men took steroids last year.And they’re the only drugs to have seen such a drastic increase - in fact, most drugs have shown a decline in use.For some young men, the pressure to bulk up is as heavy as the weights they’re lifting, and the chiselled torsos and muscles of men on TV shows such as Love Island is a huge contributing factor, according to Ian Hamilton, a lecturer in addiction at the University of York.

This wasn't good."Put down the Shiraz and sleep! OK, a lot." But there was something about him—an action-hero, try-anything-twice dauntlessness—that she couldn't resist.A disastrous relationship, whether it flamed out years ago or is still in progress, can hold invaluable lessons.Here, five women share what they learned from the worst guy I LEARNED THAT...It’s seldom discussed, but all of those ridiculously muscular hunks on Fire Island who don’t look real -- aren’t real (or rather, ). After going through everything, I can say I fully understand the desire to take steroids. But it’s important to note that the look that’s often idealized in mainstream gay media -- the white Adonis with abs of steel and the perfect bubble butt -- doesn’t actually exist without drugs.Even many of the men who look natural, aren't natural. It’s physically not obtainable for the vast majority of men.

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