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Gene Partner's biological matching method is designed as a harmonizing service for matchmakers and online dating sites.

Based on the genetic profile of the client, the Gene Partner formula determines the level of genetic compatibility with the person they are interested in.

All you have to do is brush a couple of Q tips across your mouth and send the swabs to a lab along with those of your partner to find out if you are made for each other.

Gene Partner has developed a formula to match men and women for a romantic relationship based on their genes.

Meanwhile, the situation on LA’s Skid Row is worse than ever, but the city and county say they have a new plan to improve services. And in our regular web roundup: the end of online passwords, dating sites that use DNA, and chat roulette for stoners.

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The latest tool for finding your perfect partner is DNA matching.

Wikipedia credits it with starting the field of genetic matchmaking.

Why humans have pheromones, when so many other animal species do?

A more questionable application of DNA testing is in “relationship science,” something I learned about a few weeks ago when a reporter from asked me about it.

And so I perused the website of the “leader in human genetic compatibility.” The company offers tests for four genes.

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