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In all cases, your hard drive is connected physically to your computer’s motherboard via a cable.

Previously, this interface was known as an IDE interface and used a wide grey cable known as a ribbon cable.

AGP slots are especially susceptible to flakiness caused by old chipset drivers.

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Windows XP, was developed way before SATA and that is why you need a special driver if you want to install Windows XP on a newer PC using the newer SATA interface.

One of the features that has been removed from Windows 10 -- at least for home users -- is the ability to pick and choose when updates are installed.

Microsoft has taken Windows Update out of the hands of users so the process is, for the most part, completely automated.

Your mention of a no show in the BIOS is a worry as I am sure mine showed up when changed to AHCI even when it wasn't booting.

Hope you get it going but I think an SSD shows the benefit more than a std spinner. This is not exactly win 10 specific question, i had same problem in win 7, but now that i'm on win 10, that problem is still there.

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