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Achievement is important to me, as an exploration Hey my name is Brittany. I'm currently going to school majoring in biology/medicine. I listen to all types of music and watch any kind of movie. I'm a 39 year old femme lesbian who loves browing in bookstores, independent film, classic rock, bad TV, dance music, blogs, books on feminism and queer issues, writing, museums. I believe in compassion, support, knowledge, wisdom, laughter, joy, etc.

I love new experiences as this is all what makes like that unique adventure, meeting people, trying good food and exploring new places.

It just makes sense; gay-dar has limitations, lesbian nights can feel far and feel between, and meeting a girl organically can feel impossible as a gay woman.

There’s no debating reality: lesbians are working with a far smaller potential dating pool than straight women, and (for reasons unknown to me) there are far fewer lesbian geared events than events geared at gay males.

So go get looking for love, because these are the best lesbian dating apps.

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I love to cook, even though I don't get to as much as I'd like. Tired of being used for one nights stands, or lied too so some guy can have a one night stand. *if you're just looking for sex, don't bother messaging me. I enjoy actual conversation not 'yeah' 'k' or 'cool', that's not a conversation. Dont have too much free time but every other weekend im free.

It's easy for me to make people laugh and help them with their problems and just listen to them. I am currently not doing anything important with my life whats so ever at the moment, not because i dont want too, because i havent decided yet. I'm really good at pushing people away, especially people that I like or love. But if you're a one or two words kinda person don't bother.

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