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The delicate, sensitive and emotional nature of Pisces woman leads her in believing just about anyone and therefore is prone to a great deal of heartache in her lifetime.She needs to find her lover and put her complete trust in him, let him protect her and take care of her.As flighty as he may seem, once he chooses his lover, he is loyal and faithful till the end. He may be fickle by nature, but he is honest and does as he promises.He does not lie and holds his head high with any statement or decision he makes. She is a good listener and a patient woman with sweet feminine gestures.The combination of Virgo and Aquarius is quite a typical one.

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He spends a lot of time pointing out the flaws of the others instead of looking in the mirror and finding the flaws within him.He is a focused person and due to it he may often miss all of the other things that are going on around him, such as the emotions of his friends or lover.Surprisingly, Virgo man is able to excel at carrying out the duties of a husband but the problem is to get him committed.So, remember go to an Aquarian when looking for a logical way to solve an issue, not just to vent.The Aquarian is a future-seeker who goes after big change.

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