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No matter the character, there's only one Super Speed: Really Fast.

(Unfortunately, the speed factor is usually forgotten, and time is treated as if it really did just stop.) A (slightly) less egregious option is simply to have the speedster move so fast that he appears to duplicate himself - appearing in two places with so little real time passing in between that the brains/sensory equipment of any observers see him in two places at once.Few would argue that some consumers do not view the insurance industry in a positive light.Certainly one reason for this is that the average consumer does not fully understand or appreciate insurance products, but recognizes they are something that’s needed. Speculative Fiction writers love to apply this trope to the Theory of Relativity, The Theme Park Version of which says, "If you go fast enough, you'll alter the flow of time, and you can Time Travel to the future or the past." Characters who can't travel through time get the opposite effect: They can speed up so fast, it's as if time stops for the rest of the world. a guardian angel who rights even the most harmless of wrongs with lightning speed. However, several teen and kid heroes have used it to quickly clean up after a wild house party or to finish in five minutes all that homework that had to be put off to defeat the Monster of the Week.

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