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BENEFITS Quick access to your favorites: Start driving to your favorite places with a single tap on the map.FREE MILESDownload Tom Tom GO Mobile and drive with the app for a fixed number of free miles every month.Now, for the important part: The software recognizes the map (whole of Europe), also recognizes it's a good 2 years old and offers an updated map with an additional support/map update cycle of 18 months for ~60€.Okay, let's buy that one - after all, it's the map offered when I clicked on "My Updates", right?Then went to update the device but My Drive Connect is not showing the Australia map under 'MY MAPS' and it is also not showing any updates for the Australia map.It shows NZ and SE Asia maps as installed with updates available. Haven't updated SE Asia as its a 1GB download and currently have no need to use it.Funny confirmation of this : when you plug in your GPS and switch it on, you will have the standard Network Connection message (Network enabled / Network disabled).So it seems that the solution of updating a Via130 Tomtom Model goes through virtualization (with an emulator that support USB) or wine.

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Not to use the backup feature of the Tom Tom software (because, and I quote: "It sometimes misses important files like licensing information! The backup took its sweet time - USB 1.1 connection and 1.6 GB of data don't play together too nicely.The Tom Tom XL only has 2 GB internal memory and, as I discovered, the existing map filled 1.6 GB of that.Since it was a saturday and the support only works on weekdays, let's hit the forums, shall we? He was given two pieces of advice by a Tom Tom employee: 1.Unfortunately, they don't support Via 130 (and most of the recent models).This because the device is not recognized as an external drive or storage device, but as a network interface card.

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