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In order to best utilize Session Scheduler, please use the login credentials you've set up on this page as your login credentials on our GDC Mobile App.You can download the app on i Tunes or Google Play.In that time I’ve seen her play gigs of all sizes and all kinds, alone or with bands, playing piano or keyboards and, sometimes, a joke that got so far out of hand it became a Radiohead covers album, the ukulele.I’ve seen her play grand churches and basement divebars (once on the same night going from chapel to divebar), watched her play a seriously genderbent Emcee in Cabaret and half of the pair of conjoined twin sisters known as Evelyn Evelyn. They went on the sort of hiatus that most bands don’t come back from about a month before I met Amanda for the first time.I tried to see them once, in 2005, when they played Sundance, but I had a press conference when they were on, and I watched Nellie Mc Kay instead. Brian talks about why it was time for them to stop: “Why constantly fight? She’s happy that they are playing to 1200 people who would never have seen them otherwise.When I started going out with Amanda I asked about the Dresden Dolls. She holds my hand, introduces me to the man who introduced her and Brian at a Hallowe’en party exactly a decade before, and slips back into the shadows."It also pokes fun at people who spend their lives in the race, trying to be someone or something they're not, copying someone else's identity thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side. We strongly believe that it's most important to stay true to who you are, and in this video with the participation of our Kickstarter backers and friends we celebrate individuality, art and freedom.” Check out the new video below: - Portland, OR @ Kelly's Olympian 08/05 - Seattle, WA @ The Beery House The band has plans to tour the east coast later this year.

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The term has a certain amount of irony because much of the areas where the term is used are chock-full of Briars.

At 18 Olya took vocal lessons and fell deeply in love with the idea of music as a career.

She left Moscow at the age of 21 with a freshly tattooed clef on her neck.

Scarlet Sails is the project of Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione, who has also toured with Nine Inch Nails and recorded with the Violent Femmes—and his wife Olya.

"This song is about being different, about non-conformity, and refusing to live in a shell," frontwoman Olya Viglione told AP about the track.

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