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Whatever your camera will be capturing at that time will be shown on your phone's screen and become its live wallpaper.

An all male Facebook group has come under fire and has been shut down after it was discovered to have shared hundreds of nude photos of female service members, but further investigation of military related Facebook groups has revealed a similar group run by female service members, this one intended to share pictures of male genitalia.

Opening then closing the pause menu will stop time passing.

This option will open up a gallery to view or delete all of the pictures that the player has saved.

But, somehow, I get the feeling we'll soon be hearing people suggesting that this is a "common occurrence" rather than just a few isolated incidents.

So, really, the story here is that there are some kids out there that don't have the best judgment, and sometimes a small number of those kids do stupid things.

Transparent screen has a simple enough mode of operation nonetheless.

This naked camera prank app simply turns your camera into the transparent screen for your Smartphone.At that age, kids do all sorts of stupid things, and if you hand them tools like camera phones that make it so easy, it's no surprise that some kids, somewhere will do things like pass around naked photos of each other (which, by the way, opens them up to charges of child pornography).Hell, kids have been "playing doctor" for ages, and it didn't necessarily warrant a writeup in the Associated Press.Some using digital camera-loaded mobile phones, fans try to shoot singers arriving for the Japan MTV Video Music Award in Saitama, north of Tokyo, on May 25, 2003.Cell phones with cameras are opening up new possibilities for crime in Japan.

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