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In the UK, related products are seldom seen being stocked in shops.

Most fans seeking One Piece merchandise have to seek out specialist shops, buy them from conventions, or self-import them from online sources.

Life would be simpler if I only had one machine to use for everything. I do not seem to see anything on my T-box home menu nor do I see any new software (last nov 2011)???

I know it will play media from a usb thumb drive, external HDD but if you want it to play media from a PC then the PC needs to have windows 7 with Media Player 12 installed.According to the information I have "The My Media application can be accessed via the T-Box Home Screen. Though i dont have media centre so it doesnt find files. Got my t-box media player working pretty good today as well. This Media Player is really a very nice upgrade for our good old t-box's imho. Tried quite a few formats and most of them worked fine. Cheers, Tom Works fine for me using Twonky Media Server with 800GB of MP4 video files – actually I am quite impressed with it Thanks Telstra – now all we need is the adaptive streaming & recording on the Foxtel channels Interesting i havent tried any of this yet on my T Box. Currently i have a Western Digital media player, with a wireless dongle and Mezzmo (media server) on the pc.The application appears in the home menu automatically once the T-Box has been upgraded to the relevant firmware." This is internal Telstra information, but according to that information the feature was released today, hence my post. According to my information: Supported file formats are: Audio: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, e AAC , FLAC, OGG, Audible, Real Audio Video: MPEG-2, H.264, WMV, MPEG-4, Div X, MOV, 3gp, AVI, MPG, RMImage: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF That's actually pretty smart if true. Plugged my USB stick in and it found that and then played the files on it. Just turned on my tbox I got for xmas, and it is currently updating to Version 5.2.65 Hmm. I'm using wmp12 and I managed to access my home pc ok but it is a real pita to setup and manage my libraries. It works really well, very good wireless performance – fast forwarding is easy to use, although it would be nice if it had a faster setting. Anyone had any success in getting metadata to display? All of my media is organized and has fanart, posters etc all setup so XBMC can read it.You can have Meta X pull the movie name or TV Show, season and episode number from the filename, you can save a copy of the untagged file, you can specify which data sources you want to use, and what order to display them in the search results, and have Meta X automatically update i Tunes and Movie Library when it tags a file.You can get cover art from any of the data sources (the Movie DB, the TVDb, i Tunes, Amazon or Yahoo).

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