Chris brown is dating natalie

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Whips and chains may excite Rihanna, but Bad Girls Club beauty Natalie Nunn upsets her.Radar has learned exclusively that the trend-setting S&M singer is furious that Nunn — who she has bad blood with over a reported fling with her ex, Chris Brown — has been dating the Umbrella’s singer first cousin, Tee-Jay.This week there's been a few conflicting reports about new women in his life — he has supposedly reunited with an ex-girlfriend and was also spotted cuddling up to Girlicious singer Natalie Mejia over the weekend.His rep denied that he is dating either of these two.Every now and then, Breezy, as he is fondly referred to by his legion of fans worldwide, is reported strolling on the corridors of justice.Interestingly, he is almost always on the defense of his actions.His latest picture posted on Tuesday at first appears to be an innocent image of his upturned arm feeding a smoothie to the little girl, but the real reason for the post becomes apparent when compared to his previous ones, and the brand new tattoos become glaringly obvious.

Breezy will be doing anything with Quavo any time soon."There's a lot of DPs sent to that inbox, man, y'all are some dogs."Yet for all of the visibly good times captured in photos taken all over the world, on stage, on yachts, at clubs and concerts, sporting events and parties, and, most recently, in swimming pools, Rihanna has refrained from being tied down.She's the Lady Leo, and yet she's not even as into settling down (albeit temporarily) as her dear friend Leonardo Di Caprio is—nor is she necessarily interested in casual hookups."When you love somebody, that's different," she explained to in 2015, surprising those who assumed that singing authoritatively about sex meant Rihanna was acting out her (or their) fantasies on a daily basis.You Will always Be In My Heart Precious From The First Day You Were Born... At Heart I'll Always Be Your Dada'King Ba meanwhile generated a wave of sympathy when he posted his own Instagram picture of him and Royalty together when he first learned the news, writing 'Unbreakable Bond...You Will always Be In My Heart Precious From The First Day You Were Born...

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