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Materials Cut the bottom of each slot from the egg carton using a craft knife. Flip the carton over and make “mini mountains” Fill up the lid with baking soda and have the child spoon in the baking soda inside the egg carton slots through the hole ( which is now on the top) Add lots of baking soda to make the eruptions spill over the slots.

I'm interested in buying 8oz cartons of milk (you know, like we all had in elementary school) but I can't for the life of me find anywhere where they sell such a thing to your average consumer.

Other sketches: Vampire Werewolves, Throw Active, Sports O'Clock, In a Fancy Restaurant, Spiderbaby, Frankenstein's Monster Hides in the Lynch Mob, Learn to Read, Rejected Pokémon, Spy vs.

Spy, Goomba Murder (two-part sketch), and High School Yearbook Upgrades Other sketches: Dora the Explorer in The Road to Recovery, Who Wore it Better?

I'd like to buy in a moderate quantity (like 24 or 30) and I'm hoping to pay 50 cents or less per box. (I've also considered small UHT milk containers, but I can only find those at Costco in the chocolate variety or organic brands at over a dollar a box - now that's expensive milk!

) Take your summer cookouts to the next level with this grilled watermelon recipe.

We have that a lot lately – I think school is making him tired and he just wants to watch and relax. Spy, Robot Father Gets More Oil On Father's Day, Juicy Jr.'s Triple Pounder, Castaway Plucks Flower from his Island, MAD's Guide to Celebrity Siblings, and "Fixing" a Sandwich Due to budget cuts at school and Sue Sylvester's cheerleaders, The Gleeks must prove that they can bring in the crowds by admitting that their show premise is no different than the premises for High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Victorious, Jonas, and Fame (both the 1980s version and the 2009 remake). , Exceptions to I before E except after C, MAD News, Spy vs.Other sketches: Mouse Forgets to Buy Cheese, Aberzombie & Stitch, Bobbing For Apples, Rejected Toy Story 3 Characters, You've Got Ninjas, Gossip Hurl, Tinker Bell's Operation, Beauty Tips with Megan Fox, Marker Phone Call, Spy vs. Spy, Old Man Puts His Body Away, Celebrities Without Their Makeup, and Defusing Dynamite with Snot Gustavo Rocque recruits George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln as singers for his new boy band to take on King George and the Red Coats at the Battle of the Bands.The first step in egg grading is to examine the shell for cleanliness, soundness, texture and shape. All eggs must be clean to pass grading requirements, but a small amount of staining is permitted in Grade B. Eggshells with cracks or markedly unsound, or flawed, shells are classified as restricted eggs.The ideal eggshell shape is oval with one end larger than the other.

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