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What adds fuel to such critics’ fire is that Helsinki has been here before all too recently, expensively and for no gain.In early 2011, the city’s mayor, Jussi Pajunen, committed £1.6 million of public funds to a feasibility study for a Guggenheim Museum on Helsinki’s South Harbour, a site overlooked by some of Europe’s finest neoclassical, National Romantic and Modern architecture.“Incredible,” says Tiina Erkintalo, executive director of Checkpoint Helsinki, a new commissioning body for contemporary art.“Not only would we use public money at a time of economic hardship and cuts in arts spending to finance the Americans, but we would then have to pay the Guggenheim a substantial annual sum each year to lease their 'brand’.” For the Finns, this was rather like writing a large cheque to Pepsi to set up a soft-drink plant in Helsinki.According to Ernst Killmeyer, CEO of Killis Getränke, the company is not interested in bulk products.

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Greater Finland includes some or all of previous Finnish territory.There was a disagreement between Sweden and Russia as to where the border between the two countries should be.The Swedish government considered a three-isthmus border to be the easiest to defend.went viral, and is now widely referenced to on various Finnish forums, and even VK OMG.Some of the comments in Finnish were like “Okay the post is about getting a Finnish boyfriend, but what if I want a Finnish guy out of my league? So, let me do a sequel post for the ambitious: (Source.

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