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We have experience handling everything from simple traffic matters to the most complex fraud cases.

We realize that every charge is serious to the person involved, and we are devoted to providing the highest level of service to every client.

Are you or is your child between the ages of 8 and 21 years old?

It’s also a seasonally appropriate time to check out Universal’s permanent Last year's Creep had guests encountering human monsters, who whispered deranged secrets and made visitors hide in a claustrophobic box from a demon.

If that sounds like fun to you, then get ready: this year's show explores the mind of a tortured artist who disappeared nearly 30 years ago.

Eight of our teen members participated in a 2-hour "speed-dating" type event with eight Sages from the LA county. All participants came to realize that they have far more in common than they may have previously thought, promoting the development of compassion and empathy.

#Community Partners #Preparingour Future #Sages Seekers --- This summer, we're fundraising to provide our teens with unique educational opportunities and services to prepare them for their future.

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