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The worldly wanderer Jim gets a cool family reception at first but his warm personality gradually wins the affections of his four daughters.In fact, youngest daughter Buff, who has her eye on a maverick of her own in Gabriel Lopez, is pleased when Jim grants his stamp of approval on her relationship.See full summary » Three of the four musically inclined daughters of Adam Lemp, the Dean of the Briarwood Music Foundation, are settling into their lives as wives, but not all is well. See full summary » The story of a farmer in China: a story of humility and bravery. By diligence and frugality the two manage to enlarge their property. See full summary » Nan Masters, a single mother living with her four marriageable daughters, plans to marry Sam Sloane, businessman.Out of the blue her 1st husband Jim returns after deserting the family 20 years earlier.Gerald Mc Carthy, who also helped to organise the Zombie Crawl and Sci-Fi Festival, said earlier this week: “For us it’s the big one, without a doubt it’s going to be the biggest event the town has ever seen, it will be an absolute whopper of a day." Jack and Jamie Cloude, who were visiting from Sittingbourne with their parents, grandparents and uncle, said they were having "the best time".There are now long delays leaving Herne Bay as thousands try to catch a train home.

After 1855 the part of the house destroyed by fire was replaced by a central wing, designed by David Bryce.

It is located on the shores of the river Tay a short distance from St Andrews.

Set on the coast in North East Fife, Birkhill was built in 1780.

He then goes to John for a job to erase all the bad publicity that he has gotten from the paper.

This works until Pat tells John that Robert was behind the smear campaign.

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