Os jessica simpson and tony romo dating

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Every now and then you reach a sort of fissure or fracture in time.

It’s like a scenic overlook as imagined by Einstein or Kepler, from which you can actually witness two possible futures: Off the left side, you see a world of orderly streets and squares, where fans crowd theaters showing the new blockbuster by Jessica Simpson, who looks down from a marquee, slender and blonde and shaped like a barbell, booming on top and in the middle, skinny as a pencil between, and radios blast an endless stream of Jessica Simpson hits, her voice syrupy and love-filled.

Along with one person who will not be winning any Father of the Year awards any time soon.

Following a 28-18 loss to the Washington Redskins, Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys are once again looking at a dour offseason, as fans start to legitimately wonder: Should #8 be under center when 2013 rolls around?

Jessica Simpson’s parents were Christians so they raised her in the Christian faith.

When Jessie clocked twelve, her dad gave her a purity ring and the singer has severally mentioned that she stayed chaste till marriage.

"Barbie party didn't happen, but I turned 29 and feel like I am on top of the world yelling I love getting older." She later tweeted, "The beat of a heart can make you realize the special rhythm of a person ... I like the irregular beat; it send me to another place ... grab the strings and pull it back to you." The singer, 29, and Romo began dating in November 2007.

Recently, Simpson's ex-husband, Nick Lachey and his longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Minnillo, also broke up.

Bayless -- who basically eats, sleeps and breathes Cowboys -- says Romo himself who has talked about how the relationship with the singer was bad for him. It always one thing after another off-the-field," Bayless said ...

In short, it’s been a bad time for Jessica Simpson: flop, flop, country flop, fat picture.

we now know of at least one person who believes Tony Romo should not start next year for the Dallas Cowboys.

Tony Romo's wife Candice Crawford attended the White House Correspondents dinner this weekend and looked amazing. The pair were among the guests at the political/media/celebrity "nerd prom," and made quite an entrance in her first public event since becoming a mom.

After welcoming their son Hawkins on Monday evening, Tony Romo and Candice Crawford snuggle up to their baby boy in a sweet new snapshot.

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