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Experience the natural and cultural richness of Ecuador with your arrival in Quito, the first city to be declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.Straddle the Northern and Southern hemispheres at the same time, and be one of the privileged travelers to visit the Galapagos Islands where we explore the home of Darwin’s theory of evolution and observe many unusual species of animals.The criminal code provides for only three exceptions to criminal punishment: Although actual prosecutions of women who receive abortions or doctors who perform them are rare, the criminal restrictions on abortions have very real consequences.Notably, abortion—often performed in clandestine, unsafe conditions due to their illegality—is the leading cause of female morbidity (disease, disability, or physical harm), and a significant cause of maternal mortality, in Ecuador.These provisions in the criminal code also treat women and girls with disabilities differently from other women and girls, fostering inequality.Human Rights Watch conducted research on these issues in Ecuador from May to July 2013 in eight provinces.BLOOM365 goes beyond raising awareness and helps teens recognize that these are important issues to talk about and work together to prevent, because if not there could be deadly consequences.

Life has humbled those of us who peaked in high school and opened up for those who didn’t. Some of us have already succumbed to cancer, heart disease, depression or freak accidents.We interviewed 45 medical professionals who provide post-abortion care to women and girls; 37 women and girls, almost half of whom were Afro-Ecuadoran or indigenous, about their reproductive health and gender-based violence histories; and 22 experts on women’s rights, including government officials and NGO representatives.We found that Ecuador’s criminalization of abortion after sexual violence (except in the case of so-called “idiot and demented” women) has the following impacts.I’ve been planning my 30th high school reunion, searching high and low for class of 1983 graduates.This has brought up a lot of things for me: How quickly time is flying.

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