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Did you feel like you knew what to expect going into the house?Yes, I had watched the first season of the show so I already knew kinda what to expect.“Those things came about through having a broken heart and wanting to take away the pain,” says De La Hoya.“What a better way to do it than with drugs and alcohol?Known as 'The Golden Boy,' Mr De La Hoya became the subject of the photo scandal in 2007 when Ms Dravnel, who claimed he had cheated on his wife with her and posted the embarrassing images on the internet.

That was my first television show I ever did so I just sorta went with the flow.” After appearing on Brett Michaels’ Although De La Hoya denied using drugs while filming her reality shows, she began using soon after and eventually felt trapped by addiction.“On top of using drugs, I also have attempted suicide many times in my life,” De La Hoya admitted.” PHOTOS: Cheating, Gay Lovers, Incest, Drugs & Lip Synching!50 Of Hollywood’s Juiciest Confessions “It was really bad because everything was always readily available and free for me,” De La Hoya, who now claims to be sober for “almost two years,” explains.

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